Friday, January 14th, 2011

What makes WordPress so Powerful for Traffic?

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4 Responses

January 14, 2011

Hi Jim,
I have only gone through half of Instant Wordprerss Traffic and it is awesome for a non techie like me. The information on meta tags, tittle, categories etc. is priceless.

January 15, 2011
Jimmy Fitz

Hey Jim and Garreth,

Enjoyed the first video. I want to know what you now know you don’t know about optimizing a WordPress blog to perform even better! I purchased your Camtasia videos and will be watching this promotion closely.

I must say I prefer your talking head videos better….

Jimmy Fitz

January 24, 2011
Elizabeth Campbell

Hi Jim and Gareth,

Just wanted to say that the Instant WordPress Traffic videos/tutorial is absolutely amazing! The first post after implementing everything went to #1 on Google after 5 minutes with 220k+ competing pages. The second post was #1 in the time it took me to google the keyword phrase with 1.5 million competing pages! Incredible! My evenings will now be filled with implementing this system on all of my WP blogs! Thanks guys!

Elizabeth Campbell

January 27, 2011
Peter Schneider

Hi Jim and Gareth, Have to call you the fun bunch because I didn’t get overwhelmed or lost along your presentation and had fun learning. I’m not a techie and it can take me awhile to get the path to success. You made that possible and loved the dialogue and slowing it all down to be able to really grasp it all. Thanks for a great program, Pete Schneider