Saturday, July 16th, 2011

Why Do Sweetest Offers Work So Well?

Let’s talk for a minute about why sweetest offers work.

What’s the magic?  Why do sweetest offers work so well?

Basically, a sweetest offer immediately separates you from the competition in ANY niche market.  Yet, hardly anybody uses them!


Because everybody, especially on the Internet, copies everybody else’s ads, headlines, and sales copy.  Most advertising has no offer (or it’s buried so deeply, nobody can figure out exactly what the offer is), which means nobody else makes good offers either.

I really want you to start paying attention to this “monkey see, monkey do” effect.  Look at newspapers and magazines.  Can you imagine the money it costs to buy a full-page ad and only include a picture with some stupid phrase in it.

If I owned a liquor store!

Let me tell you, if I owned a liquor store, I’d have so many different offers, it would make your head spin.

I wouldn’t care if you didn’t even drink (I don’t drink). Those offers would be so good, you’d come down to “Jimbo’s Discount Liquor” just to buy my unbelievable offers… because offers are what actually start the buying process.

“The Pocket Party” – Buy any select bottle of booze, and get a free bag of munchies, a free “Jimbo’s” shot glass, a free breathalyzer test, and 1 free lotto scratcher.

“The Mobile Mayhem” – Buy three bottles of booze and get one bottle free, plus 3 bags of munchies, 3 shot glasses, and a free taxi ride anywhere in a 3 mile radius for you and 2 friends!

“The Barely Legal” – Buy a case of “Four Loco” malt beverages and get a “I’m Freakin’ Loco” t-shirt for you and 3 of your drinkin’ buddies.  Get yours before the ABC Board declares Four Loco drinks illegal and raids my store to seize my remaining stock!

Bottom Line: Offers make people start a sales conversation and force an emotional reaction.

Offers make people respond to you and make a decision (yes, no, or gimme more information).

That’s what any offer does… it starts a sales conversation and then forces people to make a decision (as to whether they want to keep having the conversation with you or not)! But if you don’t make an offer, how can you have a conversation? And, if you make a crap offer, it’s gonna be a short conversation!

Also, when you make a sweet offer, you don’t have to work nearly as hard at selling because prospects “get it” automatically. A “sweet” offer just “clicks” with your target audience.

How many times have you ever heard somebody in a sales situation (or found yourself in a sales situation) and you’ve said to yourself, “They just don’t get it!”

“They just don’t understand what’s really being offered here.”

Now, there’s always a reason they don’t “get it” (unless they’re really stupid).


About five percent of people really are dumb.  You’re just never going to get past their innate, gonna-prove-to-the-world-I’m-an-idiot level of stupidity.  But the other 95 percent of people are NOT stupid and it’s NOT fair to label them as dumb.  We must take responsibility for the effectiveness of our sales communication and our offers.

A buddy of mine (Dr. Dan Thomas) told me something to the effect that “In any communication, if people don’t understand, it’s the fault of the communicator, not the person being communicated to.” (I know I butchered that quote, Dan, but I know what it meant.)


The bottom line, if they don’t “get it” when it comes to your offer (or lack thereof), it’s your message’s fault – not theirs’. If you’re the one who created the message, then it’s your fault if they don’t “get it.”

You’ve got to find a way to express the offer in a way they “get it” – and FAST!

That’s the difference between

1) No offer,

2) a “muddy” offer or

3) a “Sweet” Offer.

When you make a sweet offer, people get it without having to THINK at all.

It doesn’t matter if it’s in print, if it’s on the web, if it’s in person, or if it’s via video.

It doesn’t matter which medium you use to convey your sweetest offer.  It’s so succinct, it’s so cut-to-the-chase; it’s so about them that they just get it and they want it.  At the very least, they want to initiate the process – or move to the next step in the process – to find out how they can buy.

That’s why it works… because it spurs people to action!

It throws the switch that everybody subconsciously knows is there inside all of our heads.  You’ve seen it (or felt it) when the switch gets thrown in your own mind, when it comes to offers, and you immediately say “I want it.”

The instant you say “I want it” is the instant you “Get it!” (literally and figuratively).  And the easiest way to help somebody “get it” is by making them a sweet offer.

So whether you own a liquor store, an online business, or provide professional services, start making more and better offers. Specific offers. Sweet Offers that start a conversation in the minds of your customers. Lead them to make a decision that takes things to the next step in the buying process… like having them lined up with credit card in hand to make a purchase from you (online or offline)!

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4 Responses

July 16, 2011

Jim, it always surprises me how bland a lot of marketing is and how you can come away and think “I have no idea what they wanted me to buy”.

A strong offer – or to use your phrase, a sweet offer, can take away so much of the hype that spoils a lot of attempts at direct marketing.

July 16, 2011
Big Jim

Hi Paul,

I agree 110%… you see it all the time :-)


July 16, 2011


Always love your creative style (especially the funky videos).

This article of yours is another great example of how you can really hit those triggers in people. I mean, I don’t drink either, but I was looking forward to the “I’m Freakin’ Loco” shirts!

Those are the offers that always get me. I have a Platinum Mastercard I never wanted, needed or asked for…BUT I got offered a 0% balance transfer (no balances to transfer, so the bank just deposited entire credit limit (with my permission) into my checking at 0% for six months) AND I got a Fleece blanket of my favorite college football team.

So, Jim, when you make those sweetest offers like that, are you always aiming for multiple potential triggers that stack up to irresistible?

I went for it with the Mastercard and I know I’d be justifying buying the booze if we got those crazy shirts AND a cab ride. Irresistible!

So, stacks of triggers, then?

July 17, 2011
Big Jim


No… you’re doing the single offer to rule them all (if you’re doing a single product) with a specific target market… the best foot forward that hits them on every level.

I don’t think of it as multiple triggers… i look at it as multiple angles… similar!